Brits won’t buy used car from Boris Johnson – but think he’ll be the one to steer them into Brexit

Used car salesman is not a career option for Boris Johnson, since the majority of UK citizens won’t buy one from him, a poll suggests. At the same time, they believe he has the best chance among Tories to win the general election.

Boris’ tactic to become British prime minister is to hide the crazy

Six out of ten voters would never buy a used vehicle from Johnson, a survey by YouGov pollster for the Sunday Times indicates. His old rival, Environment Secretary Michael Gove invokes the same level of mistrust – 58 percent of voters would never purchase one from him either. The UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt would have just over a half of the respondents approach him for an old ride.

At the same time, the trustworthiness of a politician does not seem to correlate with their chances to get elected. Some 47 percent of the respondents believe Boris Johnson could win a general election. Only 15 percent or less said that Hunt, Gove, Sajid Javid and others would be able to ‘sell’ the Conservative Party to the voters.

Those polled not only gave Johnson a fairly high chance to win the election, he also got the highest 27-percent score on doing a good job on Brexit. At the same time, only 22 percent said that he would unite the nation, while nearly a half believes he would divide it instead.

Chances are Britain will have to actually test Johnson on most of the above, as he is considered to be the clear favorite to replace Theresa May at the helm of the Conservative Party. May stepped down from Tory leadership and resigned as prime minister last month, finally giving in to pressure as she failed to sell the Brexit deal to her own party. She will remain in office until late July, when her successor is elected by the party.

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