Unimpressed toddler sends $56,000 sculpture FLY-ing to the ground in Swiss museum

A trip to an art gallery in Switzerland turned into a nightmare for one mother last week after her lively three-year-old reached out and sent a sculpture worth $56,000 flying to the floor, much to the horror of onlookers.

The piece of art in question was German artist Katharina Fritsch’s ‘Fliege’ (Fly) sculpture, which was being exhibited by the US gallery Matthew Marks as part of the Art Basel international art fair.

Perhaps the toddler, not bound by the constraints of modern PC-culture, simply wanted to make her feelings about the plastic fly sculpture perfectly clear. Reaching from her stroller, she knocked the piece of modern art right off its pedestal and onto the floor where its wings snapped off, leaving the mother quite understandably “close to tears” according to Swiss media.

Luckily for the mortified mother, however, the Fly’s unexpected flight didn’t do irreparable damage. A spokeswoman for Art Basel told the Art Newspaper that the fair was “aware of the incident” but said the gallery informed them that the work “was not damaged.”

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