Frostbitten Russian cat first to get four TITANIUM prosthetic paws (VIDEO)

An unprecedented series of operations in Russia’s Siberia gave new life and four new limbs to an amputee cat, making it the first of its kind to walk on all four prosthetic paws.

The cat named Redhead was found over a year ago in Russia’s Novosibirsk, suffering from severe frostbites.

His ears and four paws were frostbitten,” veterinarian Sergei Gorshkov said, adding that all four of the animal’s paws had to be amputated.

After rehabilitation, the vets started to prepare Redhead for a series of operations to enable it to walk again.

We were preparing for around a year because there was no such case in the world when a cat has all four prostheses,” Gorshkov noted.

Redhead underwent all of the surgeries, and he’s now happily skipping on four brand-new titanium paws, as footage shows. The cat now has a second chance at having a full life, and has even been using its new paws to defend itself against other cats.

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