WATCH legendary Russian fighter jets perform at Moscow air show

Visitors to the Army-2019 defense expo near Moscow were stunned as the world-famous Russian Knights and Strizhi (The Swifts) took to the skies to demonstrate maneuvering skills in a massive display.

The show, marking the opening of the aircraft section of the defense expo, featured the two legendary teams traversing the sky in extremely tight formations just meters away from each other. The fighter jets in the footage appear to be glued together, as the ace pilots hold the formations flawlessly.

The videos show the Strizhi flying their MiG-29 fighter jets while holding a wedge formation at extremely low altitudes. The Russian Knights pulled their four Su-30SM jets up into the vertical while keeping minimal distance between the aircraft in a diamond formation.

The teams also performed various aerobatic maneuvers like aileron rolls, loops and a tailslide – a difficult maneuver which involves a jet climbing vertically until it loses momentum then keeping a standstill position for as long as possible and then falling backwards, tail first to eventually nosedive and recover to level flight.

Both aerobatic teams are world-renowned groups that frequently perform at airshows in Russia and abroad. Organized by the Russian Defense Ministry, the ARMY-2019 military expo, which is being held for the fifth time since 2015, involves the exhibition of cutting-edge military equipment and shows that demonstrate their capabilities. This time, it has been attended by delegations from 120 countries.

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