Staunch anti-Kremlin chess champ Kasparov drops F-bomb on Germany after Russia invited back to PACE

The return of Russia to the Council of Europe has led to a number of invective-laden rants including one from Garry Kasparov, who said “f*** you” to German diplomacy upon hearing the news.

Kasparov is a veteran darling of Russia-bashing media, always ready to produce expressive soundbites about how the country became a hellhole under President Vladimir Putin. Thanks to his successful chess career, the former world champion used to be (and still is sometimes) depicted as a great strategist.

This time the chess grandmaster is exploring new ways to express his disdain with the Russian leader. On Wednesday he reacted to a tweet from the German Foreign Office, that welcomed Russia’s return to the Council of Europe, by dropping an F-bomb.

He went on to blast nations that voted for the decision, saying it was “a capitulation worse than Munich 1938” – because calling your opponent Hitler is a totally mature and legitimate argument, of course, especially when appealing to the German government.


The Russian delegation was invited back to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) despite emotional objections from some members, including Ukraine. Who knows, maybe the member of the Ukrainian delegation who described Russia’s return as “scum slithering through every crack” took lessons from Kasparov?

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