VIDEO of Indian bikers nearly becoming tiger’s lunch goes viral

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A failed tiger attack has been recorded in thrilling footage captured in India, thanks to the bravery of an amateur videographer, who didn’t drop his phone despite the beast almost snatching him.

The short clip showed the whole ordeal, from the tiger spotting the two people on a motorbike and swiftly closing in on them in several giant leaps, to the beast realizing that its prey has gotten away and retreating into the bushes.

The video was shot in the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Kerala, a popular tourist destination in southern India, and was uploaded online by the country’s Forests and Wildlife Protection Society (FAWPS).

“Is this how the Tiger Parks are managed in India?” FAWPS wondered, stressing that the people were in real danger.

Little is so far known about the footage, but the riders were reportedly not tourists or locals, but were actually park rangers.

Internet users were clearly impressed with what they saw, praising the driver’s skills as he stepped on the gas to avoid the attack and with the composure of the cameraman.

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“Is this how they feed the tigers in India?” somebody joked, while another commenter suggested that the great cat just wanted to be petted.

Many also pointed out that such incidents were unavoidable as civilization keeps encroaching on the habitat of wild animals. “Humans have invaded their home. Where will they go now?”

Last year, an encounter between two bikers and two tigers was also caught on video in the central state of Maharashtra, with the people in that instance also being lucky enough to escape unharmed.

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