‘Arrogant piece of work’: Rapinoe criticized over clip showing her signing youngster’s ball (VIDEO)

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US Women’s World Cup hero Megan Rapinoe has again been accused of arrogance after a clip emerged showing her autographing a fan’s ball while appearing not even to extend the youngster the courtesy of looking at him.

Rapinoe has been feted in her homeland and beyond after helping her team to a fourth World Cup title in France earlier this month, while using the success to spread her anti-Trump political message as well as other social causes.

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However, she has also been accused of arrogance and grandstanding amid the celebrations, not least by UK TV personality Piers Morgan.

Morgan again hit out at Rapinoe over a clip showing her signing a youngster’s ball at the recent ESPY awards in the US, which recognize sporting achievements.

The clip showed Rapinoe sitting alongside girlfriend Sue Bird as the boy asked her to autograph his football.

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Rapinoe obliges, but without looking at the youngster and handing the ball back while staring in the opposite direction.

The clip prompted Morgan to brand Rapinoe an “arrogant piece of work.”

Others agreed that the clip did not reflect well on Rapinoe – although it’s unclear whether she had spoken to the youngster before or after signing the ball.  

Some defended Rapinoe, saying that she had at least agreed to give the youngster an autograph, or suggested that she may have been distracted by a countdown which began over the loudspeaker system as she signed the ball. 

The US Women’s team was honored at the ESPY awards as they won the best team accolade while striker Alex Morgan was named female athlete of the year.

Rapinoe suffered a wardrobe malfunction when getting up to collect the best team award as her black tuxedo jacket opened, revealing part of her left breast, which was shown on the in-house broadcast of the show.

The footage, aired by ABC, was edited before being broadcast in different time zones.

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