Elderly Indian couple fight off machete-wielding armed robbers with furniture & slippers (VIDEO)

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An elderly Indian couple set upon by masked burglars armed with machetes chased their attackers off with nothing but ordinary household objects in an epic battle caught on CCTV, earning them much respect from the internet.

One sword-wielding masked miscreant creeps up on 72-year-old Shanmugavel as he sits in front of his house and tries to strangle him with a cloth, causing a commotion that alerts his wife Senthaamarai, who rushes to her husband’s aid in CCTV video of the Sunday night altercation that has since gone viral. 

As she flings everything she can find at the men assaulting her husband – shoes, chairs, trash baskets – allowing him to escape the robber’s grip and join the fight, the attackers – likely shocked at the resistance their prey have put up – wield their weapons somewhat desultorily before Shanmugavel breaks a stool over one of their heads, convincing the pair to flee.

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Shanmugavel, a lemon wholesale trader, equipped the couple’s Kalyanipuram farm and house with 14 CCTV cameras after being robbed twice in the past three years. While police report Senthaamarai lost a gold chain to the prowlers and was cut on her right hand during the battle, the couple were feted by their friends and relatives after the video circulated online and Kadayam police are investigating the robbery attempt.

Viewers on social media praised the couple’s bravery in chasing off their tormentors, though some noted they were lucky the robbers “didn’t want to kill” their victims.

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