Grizzly bears face-off in ferocious fight on Canadian highway (VIDEO)

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Rare footage of two grizzly bears embroiled in a vicious fight has gone viral after the awesome wildlife encounter was filmed on a Canadian highway and shared on social media.

The incredible video shows the two bears facing off on their hind legs while growling, shoving and scratching each other in a vicious brawl that brings them to the ground before they roll into a ditch. 

The footage ends with the bears chasing after each other and the bystander behind the camera clearly re-evaluating her front-row seat. 

Cari McGillivray shot on the “amazing moment” on Stewart-Cassiar Highway in Birtish Columbia on Friday and shared the footage on Facebook, amassing more than 40,000 shares over the weekend. 

Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance!”, McGillivray wrote. 

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