Israel’s election committee has published final results from last week’s vote which gives PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud an additional seat. However, it does not alter the state of deadlock.

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Final results from the September 17 election gave the rightwing Likud 32 seats compared to Benny Gantz’s more moderate Blue and White’s 33 in the 120-seat parliament, AFP reports. The two parties are trying to negotiate a unity coalition, and President Reuven Rivlin has one week to name someone to form a government.

Likud’s additional seat came at the expense of one of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties, United Torah Judaism, which now has seven. Israel’s Arab parties, running together under the Joint List alliance, finished as the third-largest force in parliament with 13 seats.

Netanyahu has received the endorsement of 55 parliament members to be prime minister, while Gantz has received 54. Neither has a clear path to a majority coalition.

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