‘The force is strong with our family’: Ivanka Trump trolled over Star Wars tweet gaffe confusing bad character for good guy

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Ivanka Trump ignited a Twitterstorm after posting a family photo with a caption that suggests she really needs to bone up on her Star Wars knowledge.

In the snap, Ivanka poses with husband Jared and their three young children, one of whom is dressed as a Stormtrooper, which she doesn’t seem to realise is a foot soldier for the bad guys. Not only that, but Stormtroopers don’t actually have ‘the force’.

The caption references one of the film franchise’s most famous quotes, delivered by hero Luke Skywalker about his father, the villain Darth Vader. Ivanka’s application of the line drew a sharp intake of breath from film fans on Twitter, wondering why she’d intentionally draw comparison between the Trumps and the dark side.

While many, predictably, used the occasion to lay into the politics of the Donald Trump administration, others urged people to keep in mind that the photo is about a kid playing dress-up. A few pointed out that maybe Ivanka’s comment shows true in-depth knowledge of the movies given that the most recent films feature a Stormtrooper who turns to the light (or good) side. 

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