Schoolyard octagon: Moscow seniors set up MMA-like ‘fight club’ for younger pupils

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A random tip-off reportedly helped uncover a chilling sweepstake frequented by a bunch of Moscow high schoolers – but they weren’t the ones who were relentlessly fighting for bets and recognition.

Schoolchildren as young as 10 or 12 were taking part in bizarre ultimate fighting contests, which their older handlers were betting on and then pocketing the winnings, according to Russia’s popular Telegram channel Baza.

The schoolyard gladiators had no incentives, except for cheers from the onlookers, but they appeared to be disturbingly serious about the cruel pastime.


The brawls – which would usually take place in the woods – involved punches, kicks, throws and other Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – style techniques.


The story was only uncovered after a fifth-grader filmed the fighting and showed it to her father, who apparently made public the upsetting video. In the footage published by Baza, the boys are seen engaging in group or head-to-head fights.

WARNING! The footage contains scenes viewers may find upsetting.

Principals of the school affected denied that the ‘fight club’ ever existed, saying that the schoolchildren were simply having an argument. But parents insist that the fighting sessions were happening frequently and weren’t what a typical backyard altercation looks like. Moscow police are now investigating the matter, it was reported.

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