Meet Chhattisgarh’s 44-Year-Old ‘Chai Wali Chachi’ Who’s Been Living On Tea For Over 30 Years

Well, who doesn’t love tea? But to have tea and only tea for breakfat, lunch and dinner and possibly, every meal you take is probably not a healthy idea. However, there’s someone who has entirely different in mind.

Meet, Chhattisgarh’s “Chai Wali Chachi” who has been surviving on tea for more than 30 years now. Well, that’s just too much love for tea, also nothing short of an obsession.

Interestingly, she is said to be “completely healthy”.

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Living in Baradiya village of Koriya district, Pilli Devi gave up food at the age of 11 and has been surviving on tea ever since. Famous for her unique lifestyle, she is locally known as”chai wali chachi.”

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