ISRO Launches India’s First Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite For Observation Of Agriculture & Defence

At exactly 9.58 am on Thursday, Indian Space Research Organisation’s reliable workhorse PSLV rocket soared into the skies from Sriharikota’s first launchpad carrying with it India’s first hyperspectral imaging satellite (HySIS), an advanced earth observation satellite, and 30 foreign satellites.

During the 112-minute-long mission, PSLV C43 will first deliver India’s primary satellite into the polar sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 630 km and then descend to release 30 international co-passengers at 504 km altitude in two batches.

The 30 commercial satellites, including one micro and 29 nano-satellites, are from eight countries. Of the total 30 satellites whose combined weight is 261.5 kg, 23 are from the US.

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