Man Posts Touching Facebook Tribute After Neighbour Kills His Dog With A Stone, Gets 18,000 ‘Likes’ On It

Bob was only a year-and-a-half old, a tail-stump wiggling brown bundle of energy who, as most boxer pups are, occasionally went into a sulk. He was friendly to anyone who cared to say hello though, as his owner Jithendra recalls, he was something of a cat chaser. That proved to be Bob’s undoing.

Last Tuesday, Jithendra’s neighbour Sunil George, apparently upset with Bob for attacking his hens, used a big stone to bash in the boxer’s face. Bob bled to death. Jithendra went to the cops with a complaint against George but the cops in effect laughed it off – dogs, they said, get killed every day, so what’s new.

A disconsolate Jithendra turned to Facebook, lamenting his pet’s death. His simple but sad FB post has already garnered 18,000 ‘likes’ and counting, and has been shared 9,551 times. “Bob was friendly even with strangers but couldn’t stand hens or cats getting into our compound.Click Here: Cardiff Blues Store

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