Rajasthan Cop Commits Suicide With Wife And Two Kids After Being Allegedly Harassed By Seniors

In a tragic incident, a constable in Rajasthan police committed suicide along with his wife and two children, after being reportedly getting harassed by his senior officials.Genaram Meghawal, committed suicide after writing afive-page suicide note and circulating it on social media. In the note, Meghwal named three people an ASI and two policemen who are retired whom he held responsible for harassing him and his son over a theft case dating back to 2012.

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“Everyone in the village knew he was troubled. He always said that he was threatened. Meghwal told people that he was under a lot of stress because of the case,” says Lunaram Saran, a resident of village Bagrasar in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district.

“It all started back in 2009, when my son bought 13 bighas land in Tausar village. Back then, he was friends with assistant sub-inspector Radha Kishan Mali; the two families were neighbours in the quarters at Nagaur police lines,” said Khumaram, 65, father of Meghwal.

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