Reporter Gets Death Threats After Masters Coverage Interrupted

ATLANTA, GA — Atlanta meteorologist Ella Dorsey says she received death threats Sunday after her TV station interrupted Masters Tournament coverage to warn viewers about a tornado threat during Tiger Woods’ historic finish.

WGCL’s Dorsey responded to a social media backlash against her with a tweet of her own.

“To everyone sending me death threats right now: you wouldn’t be saying a damn thing if a tornado was ravaging your home this afternoon. Lives are more important than 5 minutes of golf.”

Dorsey was one of several meteorologists who were reporting the weather conditions of a dangerous storm system that crossed the South Sunday, causing tornado warnings for Georgia and other states. According to the National Weather Service, there were 51 tornadoes in 10 states over the weekend. Interruptions of the golf tournament drew anger from golf fans on social media.

One Gwinnett County resident tweeted, “Okay @CBS WE GET IT this is gratuitous. All you need to say is that there’s a tornado warning in Gwinnett County. THE END. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN OFF MIKE 6 WE DON’T NEED AN UPDATE FROM ELLA OR WHOEVER turn the Masters back on.”

WGCL news director Steve Doerr told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution even he was surprised by viewers’ outrage.

“The venom around this was insane, even by social media standards,” Doerr told the newspaper.

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