Waffle House Survivor's Mom Does Something Amazing For Waitress

NASHVILLE, TN — Early in the morning of April 22, Michael Garth Sr. and a friend walked into an Antioch Waffle House and took a seat at the bar. One of the waitresses was preparing to do a load of dishes and told the pair she didn’t want to inadvertantly splash water on them and asked if they’d move to a different table.

The men moved to a booth near the bathroom and enjoyed their meal. Garth went out to his car to get his cellphone and moments after he sat back down, terror broke out at the restaurant as a shooter, identified by police as Travis Reinking, opened fire with AR-15 at the crowded restaurant.

“We hid under our table assuming it was a confrontation outside that would end soon but the shooting got closer and never stopped. As windows started to shatter we then crawled to the bathroom area in an attempt to hide in the bathrooms but both bathrooms were locked and the kitchen door was locked as well,” Garth wrote on Facebook four days after the shooting.

Coincidentally, as Garth would later learn, he was behind James Shaw Jr., the man lauded as a hero who grabbed the hot barrel of the gun and tossed it away as the gunman reloaded.

Garth’s mother was vacationing in Aruba at the time but on her return, Garth told her what happened, including the waitress whose simple courtesy, unbeknownst to her, may have saved a life.

Grateful beyond words, as a mother would be, Garth’s mom, Vickie Davis, tracked down the waitress and learned she was about to be married.

So she bought her dress.

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