“Catherine The Great” out of Boston


Injury to the Piriformis Muscle Leaves Four-Time Champion Unable To Compete
In This Year’s Race


BOSTON, MA (April 8, 2010)‰ÛÓJohn Hancock Financial today said that Catherine
Ndereba has withdrawn from the114th running of the Boston Marathon
on April 19, due to recent injury.

changes to the field include the addition of Ukrainian athlete Dmytro
Baranovskyy who has a 2:07:15 personal best. Other athletes unable to compete
due to injury include Benjamin Maiyo, Mestawet Tufa and Mohammed Amyn.


Boston Marathon John Hancock’s 2010 Elite Athlete Field

Men’s Open Field

Personal Best

Deriba Merga, Ethiopia

2:06:38 (London, 2008)

Ryan Hall, USA

2:06:17 (London, 2008)

Abderrahim Goumri, Morocco

2:05:30 (London, 2008)

Gilbert Yegon, Kenya

2:06:18 (Amsterdam, 2009)

Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot,

2:06:23 (Frankfurt, 2009)

Evans Cheruiyot, Kenya

2:06:25 (Chicago, 2008)

Chala Dechase, Ethiopia

2:06:33 (Dubai, 2010)

Elijah Keitany, Kenya

2:06:41 (Amsterdam, 2009)

David Kipkorir Mandago, Kenya

2:06:53 (Paris, 2009)

Dmytro Baranovskyy, Ukraine

2:07:15 (Fukuoka, 2006)

Tekeste Kebede, Ethiopia

2:07:52 (Fukuoka, 2009)

Gashaw Asfaw, Ethiopia

2:08:03 (Paris, 2006)

John Kipkorir Komen, Kenya

2:08:06 (Reims, 2008)

Samuel Mugo, Kenya

2:08:20 (Beijing, 2009)

Stephen Kiogora, Kenya

2:08:24 (Frankfurt, 2008)

Mebrahtom Keflezighi, USA

2:09:15 (New York City, 2009)

Moses Kipkosgei Kigen, Kenya

2:10:12 (Nairobi, 2009)

Abdellah Falil, Morocco

2:12:37 (Turin, 2009)

Jason Lehmkuhle, USA

2:12:54 (New York City, 2007)

Cutbert Nyasango, Zimbabwe

2:13:19 (Berlin, 2009)

Alejandro Suarez, Mexico

2:13:33 (Torreon, 2009)

Josh Rohatinsky, USA

2:14:23 (New York City, 2008)

Antonio Vega, USA

2:15:45 (Minneapolis/St.Paul,




Women’s Open Field

Personal Best

Salina Kosgei, Kenya

2:23:22 (Berlin, 2006)

Madai Perez, Mexico

2:22:59 (Chicago, 2006) NR

Teyba Erkesso, Ethiopia

2:23:53 (Houston, 2010)

Dire Tune, Ethiopia

2:24:40 (Houston, 2008)

Lidiya Grigoryeva, Russia

2:25:10 (Los Angeles, 2006)

Weiwei Sun, China

2:25:15 (Beijing, 2002)

Bruna Genovese, Italy

2:25:28 (Boston, 2006)

Albina Mayorova-Ivanova,

2:25:35 (Chicago, 2003)

Yurika Nakamura, Japan

2:25:51 (Nagoya, 2008)

Agnes Kiprop, Kenya

2:26:22 (Turin, 2009)

Nailya Yulamanova, Russia

2:26:30 (Rotterdam, 2009)

Koren Jelela Yal, Ethiopia

2:28:41 (Venice, 2009)

Waynishet Girma, Ethiopia

2:29:50 (Amsterdam, 2009)

Tatyana Pushkareva, Russia

2:30:30 (San Antonio, 2009)

Meseret Legese, Ethiopia

2:31:37 (Padova, 2009)

Michelle Frey, USA

2:35:51 (Minneapolis/St. Paul,

Chaofeng Jia, China



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