Lukasz Kadziewicz back in Plus Liga!

Olsztyn is my city and my club. I have always said that if I go back to Poland, I would play for AZS”. After a few years in foreign leagues, Polish middle blocker will play in Indykpol AZS Olsztyn.



Lukasz Kadziewicz was born in Dobre Miasto, but his great progress as a volleyball player has taken place in Olsztyn. 


Lukasz Kadziewicz left Polish league in 2004 and joined Gazprom Surgut for one season. Than he was the player of Jastrzebski Wegiel and vice-champion of Poland. After that middle blocker had not really fortunate time in Italy with Sparkling Mediolan (injuries and financial difficulties). In 2009 he returned to Russia. He won a silver medal along with Lokomotiv Belgorod.


Kadziewicz also had his second episode in Gazprom Surgut. For one month he has been a part of Al Arabi Al-Dauha team, but from now on he is going to represent AZS Olsztyn, where he will meet Tomaso Totolo and Igor Yudin again. “I am glad to have this opportunity to work with all those people I already know. I’m happy to be here” – Kadziewicz claims.

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