Roman Reigns celebrity guest picker on ESPN’s college football Gameday program


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Roman Reigns appeared as the celebrity guest picker on ESPN’s college football Gameday program yesterday. PWTorch reader John M. of Ripon, Calif. sent the following report…

Roman Reigns appeared on the second segment that closes out the last 15 minutes of the show every Saturday morning. Every week, ESPN has a “celebrity guest picker” to pick about 11 college football games for that Saturday.

Before the final commercial Reigns came out to his music wearing a Georgia Tech polo shirt (the college he attended and played football for) and was holding the Universal Title.

Back from commercial, the host Reece Davis spoke about Roman’s CFB playing days at Georgia Tech and they showed a few highlights. I have to say, a couple of the hits he put on opposing QBs were very impressive.

The host then asked Reigns for his first pick, but it wasn’t a football pick. “Let’s get Roman’s pick for tomorrow night at Hell in a Cage!” After a couple seconds he caught himself and said Hell in a Cell. Roman laughed with him and said, “Now you got it.”

I won’t go over every pick, but I thought Roman did well. He was knowledgeable enough to get by on his segment and had good chemistry with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet, two of the main co-hosts.

With HIAC in San Antonio the next night and college Gameday in Texas today, Roman picked any Texas team available to pick from and played up to the crowd. This wasn’t a wrestling crowd, so it worked for him.

Overall, I thought Roman came off very well and I guess this is why WWE wants him in this spot. I wouldn’t say he came off as huge a star as say “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did on this show a couple years ago where everyone knew who he was, but he came off as a big enough star for 2018 WWE (if that makes sense) and was very likeable. I am not a Roman hater nor much of a fan, but pretty neutral.

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