Impact Viewership: Last night rating, monthly numbers comparing new regime to end of previous regime (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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Last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling on Pop TV, featuring week one of the tapings from India, drew 318,000 viewers among those watching live and later that same night on DVR.

The good news for Impact is it was the highest viewership since Apr. 20 and the second highest since the 2017 peak of 344,000 on Mar. 16. It was well above the 287,000 it drew last week and well above the 286,500 May average. The bad news is it still fell below last year’s viewership on the same week of 326,000.

Impact’s Viewership Averages in 2017:

May: 286,500
April: 296,500
March: 306,200
February: 287,750
January: 296,000

1ST 5 MONTHS 2017 AVERAGE: 294,590

Prior to the “regime change” and the replays and off-beat episodes in November and December, Impact had more loyal weekly viewers:

December 2016: 282,400
November 2016: 294,750
October 2016: 326,000
September 2016: 359,000
August 2016: 240,000


Keller’s Analysis: So Impact’s new regime with a shake-up in terms of the wrestlers being featured, with significant additions and subtractions, has yet to recover from the disarray late last year. The loss of the Broken Matt Hardy universe could play into the decline, but it’s difficult to tell how significantly as the last Broken Universe special didn’t do great numbers. They’re down an average of 25,000 viewers per week comparing the first five months of this year to the last five months of last year. Percentage-wise, that’s significant. This week’s rating, though, is essentially tied with the last five months of 2016.

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