Taz On If WWE Should Be Beating Dean Ambrose On His Way Out

On episode 655 of The Taz Show, Professional Wrestling Legend Taz recently weighed in on WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose’s rumored departure from the company. Specifically, Taz took aim at fans suggesting that Ambrose should not lose on his way out of the promotion. Additionally, Taz noted that Ambrose has been doing some of his best work on the microphone lately.
According to Taz, fans who think Ambrose should not be losing on his way out of WWE do not know what they are talking about and do not understand the business, as seen below:
“I’m sitting there reading some this stuff and I’m like, ‘are these f–king people crazy?’ Really, are you out of your frickin’ mind? Do you expect the WWE to have Dean Ambrose look good on the way out the door? That’s called doing the honors. That’s the business. That’s what the business was built on. When you leave, and you go someplace else, or you just give your notice, and you’re leaving on your terms, you do the frickin’ job on the way out the door. It’s business. It’s the right way to do business. Anybody who says that [Ambrose should lose on his way out of WWE] doesn’t know the business. They don’t! You can read all the dirt sheets, all the f–king bulls–t online, and all the social media accounts. If you’re b—hing that a guy is going to be leaving, and he gave notice, if you’re b—hing about the way he’s going to be treated as he walks out the door, then you truly don’t know [anything] about the wrestling business. Nothing. That’s the right way to do business by WWE and the right way by Dean Ambrose.”
Moreover, Taz pointed to the fact that he did many jobs on his way out of ECW and “The Suplex Machine” is proud of it, as seen below:
“You do the honors on the way out the door, period!” Taz proclaimed. “That’s good business. That’s how it works. I did it when I left ECW. I did a s–tload of jobs and I’m proud to say it. Paul Heyman had me losing left and right. Once he knew I was gone and I was leaving, whew, yeah, I lost a lot of matches a lot of times, all over the country. And that’s how it should be. Was I doing backflips and happy about it? No, but I didn’t b—h, and complain, and whine, and all that stuff. I didn’t do all that stuff and Dean Ambrose is not from what I understand. He’s a pro. He’s a veteran. He understands it’s business.”
In Taz’s learned opinion, Ambrose has been doing some of his best mic work recently. The two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion suggested that it is probably because Ambrose feels like a great weight is being lifted from him knowing he is leaving WWE, as seen below:
“Dean Ambrose’s delivery in this last segment I saw him on with the Alexa Bliss deal, and when I saw him when got in Seth Rollins’ and Triple H’s face last week, two of the best, as far as what I’ve seen with his mic work, in a long time.” Taz continued, “Dean Ambrose’s performance was awesome and I think it’s because there’s a lot of weight off his chest and he could just be himself, and he knows he’s gone, and he can perform like he knows how to perform.”
Also during the show, Taz indicated that Ambrose’s present situation is all about business and it happens to everybody, as seen below:
“[Ambrose] gave his notice. It’s his business, guys. It’s not f–king playtime. Some of you don’t understand. I hate to be an asshole, but I’m just being blunt. This is business. This is not playtime. This is not, ‘let’s make his fans happy’. No! It’s about making money! It’s about getting people over. If you want to leave, you’re taking yourself out of the game. Someone has got to get over from the stuff we put into you!” Taz added, “it’s a cycle, guys. It happens to everybody.” 
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