WWE launches new website, hoping to turn around WWE.com


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One of WWE’s goals for 2016 is to turn around their WWE.com website business.

The first step was introducing a new main website on Thursday that executive Stephanie McMahon previewed to Variety at the beginning of 2016.

WWE announced via press release the main items included in the new WWE.com:

– An “all-new look” with a variety of site designs that change depending on the time of day and day of week.

– Mobile-first approach in design, which Stephanie previewed in 2015, aiming to be “seamless across handsets, tablets, or desktop computers.”


– Video-heavy features “that puts video first and nearly everywhere.” WWE will include relevant video clips throughout the website “depending on when fans visit the site and what pages they visit.”

– The launch of English, Spanish, and German language sites featuring teams of WWE employees “who will curate up-to-the-minute content during and around all WWE live TV programming.”

– Improved social sharing and commenting features, allowing fans to share content immediately from anywhere on the site. WWE Superstar and fan social posts will be “showcased and integrated into the content.”

– Infinite scroll on the homepage, with more features popping up as users scroll down the page.

The key for the new website is whether it creates more traffic and attracts more advertisers to the site.

WWE noted in their 2015 annual report that WWE.com Revenues decreased by $4.8 million in 2014 compared to 2013 “due to lower advertising across various platforms.” Plus, the effect of WWE Network drawing people away from buying PPVs through the website.

The new website is a collaboration of WWE’s digital division and “Code and Theory,” which¬†has experience designing “successful content distribution and publishing platforms for partners including Bloomberg, Vogue, and NBC.”

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