Jim Ross Talks AEW TV Deal, 205 Live Schedule Change Confirmed

All of the pieces for All Elite Wrestling are falling into place, and the new promotion has several key players working behind it. With the Khan family, The Elite, and Chris Jericho all promising to “change the universe” with AEW, it will be interesting to see how far the promotion goes once they start off with their first show, Double or Nothing, on May 25th. However, some fans remain skeptical over the amount of success that AEW will reach. Several feel that the promotion will need a great television deal in order to truly make a difference in the wrestling landscape. No TV deal has been confirmed for AEW yet, but WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has just chimed in with an update on the status of that potential deal.
JR spoke about AEW and the rumors of a TV deal for the promotion during an episode of his Ross Report podcast. Ross agreed that the promotion will indeed need a TV deal with a major network in order to be taken seriously and truly change wrestling. Ross is confident that a contract for AEW is practically “done” already. Ross couldn’t speculate which station AEW may have signed with, but he believes that the recent announcements for AEW wouldn’t have been made without some sort of deal in place. Chris Jericho and AEW President Tony Khan have also teased that TV deal offers for All Elite Wrestling are on the table. It is even seriously rumored that there will be a weekly show on Tuesdays called Tuesday Night Dynamite.
“I think a TV deal is basically done. Why would you do all of this celebration and this [rally] on Tuesday and all that without having more? You’ve got your [ducks in a row]. You’re showing us that you have your ducks in order or getting there on talent. So I’m believing they’re not going in half-cocked here. Why would you have this major announcement, this huge event, or huge company, all that’s going to happen, if you didn’t have TV pretty much locked up? So I’m sure the paperwork, the ink’s not dry, and so on.” Ross said. 

205 Live has been airing on Wednesday nights over the past couple of weeks. The show had been airing on Tuesday nights right after SmackDown every week on the WWE Network, but the change to tape the show and air it the following day was made over the summer. WWE has just confirmed that 205 Live will now be moving back to its previous timeslot. A move back to Tuesdays has been rumored for quite some time, especially after the schedule for this week’s episode showed that it wouldn’t be airing on Wednesday. 205 Live will be moving back to Tuesdays starting with this week’s edition of the show, which will see Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy issue an open challenge to the cruiserweight roster.

Starting this week, #205Live is heading BACK to Tuesday nights at 10/9 C!https://t.co/v0dMsmfPug
— WWE (@WWE) January 14, 2019

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