Cena Back Short-Term, Speculation on Why WWE Won’t Unify Titles

16-time World Champion John Cena is expected back on WWE TV for only a couple of shows, perhaps one or two RAW & SmackDown LIVE Shows, before he is back filming for another movie beginning January 20th. The film shooting also means that Cena will miss The 2019 Royal Rumble, which will once again mean that he has no direct path to WrestleMania 35.
On a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, a discussion took place on the possibility of WWE unifying the major titles and having all the champions free to appear on both RAW & SmackDown LIVE. This would not only make the titles mean more, but it would also allow the company to continue forward with the brand split.
Dave Meltzer indicated that it is unlikely WWE will unify the titles because it would mess up the house show tours, specifically which tour the champs would be competing on. So while the current titles are expected to be specific to whatever brand they are on, the upcoming situation with The Women’s Tag Team Titles is unclear as the company has not indicated their plans for the championship apart from them being launched in 2019.

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