Eight teams advance to Finals Weekend of EAS Sports Nutrition/NWCA National Duals Feb. 21-22 in Iowa City, Iowa

Eight teams won opening-round matches at the EAS Sports Nutrition/NWCA National Duals presented by Hibiclens and the United States Marine Corps in honor of Cliff Keen at on-campus sites on Feb. 14-15. Those eight teams advance to Finals Weekend Feb. 21-22 at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, Iowa where the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will be held.

A full schedule with times and tickets are available at www.nationalduals.com, but quarterfinal action will begin on Saturday, Feb. 21 at noon Central, with semifinals following at 3 p.m. The championship final and the consolation final will take place at11:30 a.m. Central.

The quarterfinal pairings will be released on Tuesday and seeds will be based on Monday’s release of the USA Today/NWCA Division I Wrestling Coaches Poll.

EAS Sports Nutrition/NWCA National Duals Presented by Hibiclens & The United States Marines Corps in honor of Cliff Keen First Round Results
USA Today/NWCA Division I Coaches Poll Rank Noted

Saturday, February 14
#11 Lehigh 27, George Mason 9 – Lehigh Release – George Mason Release
149: Drew Longo (LEHI) over Blake Roulo (GEMA) (Dec 6-4) 157: Gregory Flournoy (GEMA) over Mitchell Minotti (LEHI) (Dec 4-3) 165: Patrick Davis (GEMA) over Marshall Peppelman (LEHI) (Dec 8-6) 174: Santiago Martinez (LEHI) over Ryan Forrest (GEMA) (Dec 8-3) 184: Nathaniel Brown (LEHI) over Ryan Hembury (GEMA) (Fall 1:49) 197: Elliot Riddick (LEHI) over Derek Dwyer (GEMA) (TF 24-5 6:52) 285: Jacob Kettler (GEMA) over Douglas Vollaro (LEHI) (SV-2 3-2) 125: Scott Parker (LEHI) over Ibrahim Banduka (GEMA) (Dec 8-1) 133: Mason Beckman (LEHI) over Vince Rodriguez (GEMA) (MD 13-0) 141: Randy Cruz (LEHI) over Sahid Kargbo (GEMA) (TB-2 6-2)

Sunday, February 15
#1 Iowa 30, #13 Virginia 6 – Iowa Release – Virginia Release – TheMat.com Story
125: Nick Herrmann (VIRG) over Phillip Laux (IOWA) (Dec 12-6) 133: Cory Clark (IOWA) over George DiCamillo (VIRG) (MD 12-3) 141: Josh Dziewa (IOWA) over Joseph Spisak (VIRG) (MD 11-1) 149: Brandon Sorensen (IOWA) over Augustus Sako (VIRG) (Fall 6:09) 157: Mike Kelly (IOWA) over Andrew Atkinson (VIRG) (Dec 2-1) 165: Nicholas Sulzer (VIRG) over Nick Moore (IOWA) (Dec 8-7) 174: Alex Meyer (IOWA) over Blaise Butler (VIRG) (Dec 9-8) 184: Sam Brooks (IOWA) over Tyler Askey (VIRG) (MD 20-7) 197: Nathan Burak (IOWA) over Zach Nye (VIRG) (Dec 8-2) 285: Kris Klapprodt (IOWA) over Patrick Gillen (VIRG) (Dec 7-2)

#2 Missouri 34, American 3 – Missouri Release – American Release
125: Alan Waters (MISS) over David Terao (AMER) (Dec 5-0) 133: Zach Synon (MISS) over Josh Terao (AMER) (Dec 2-1) 141: Lavion Mayes (MISS) over Michael Sprague (AMER) (Dec 3-1) 149: LeRoy Barnes (MISS) over Tom Page (AMER) (Dec 11-4) 157: John Boyle (AMER) over Joseph LaVallee (MISS) (Dec 3-2) 165: Mike England (MISS) over Brad Mutchnik (AMER) (MD 14-3) 174: John Eblen (MISS) over Nicholas Carey (AMER) (MD 12-2) 184: Willie Miklus (MISS) over Jeric Kasunic (AMER) (MD 13-5) 197: J`Den Cox (MISS) over Brett Dempsey (AMER) (Fall 5:11) 285: Devin Mellon (MISS) over Chris McDermand (AMER) (MD 13-1)

#3 Ohio State 30, #15 Edinboro 7 – Ohio State Release – Edinboro Release
125: Nathan Tomasello (OHST) over Kory Mines (EDIN) (MD 13-2) 133: Johnni DiJulius (OHST) over Anthony Rivera (EDIN) (MD 12-1) 141: Logan Stieber (OHST) over Mitchell Port (EDIN) (Dec 6-3) 149: David Habat (EDIN) over Randall Languis (OHST) (MD 10-0) 157: Josh Demas (OHST) over Chase Delande (EDIN) (Dec 7-0) 165: Bo Jordan (OHST) over Casey Fuller (EDIN) (Fall 3:46) 174: Mark Martin (OHST) over Patrick Jennings (EDIN) (Dec 5-2) 184: Victor Avery (EDIN) over Kenny Courts (OHST) (Dec 4-1) 197: Kyle Snyder (OHST) over Vincent Pickett (EDIN) (Min-TF 25-9 0:00) 285: Ray Gordon (OHST) over Warren Bosch (EDIN) (Dec 3-1)

#4 Minnesota 26, #23 North Dakota State 9 РMinnesota Release РNDSU Release
197: Scott Schiller (MINN) over Thomas Petersen (NDSU) (MD 12-3) 285: Evan Knutson (NDSU) over Michael Kroells (MINN) (Dec 4-3) 125: Ethan Lizak (MINN) over Joshua Rodriguez (NDSU) (Dec 2-1) 133: Christopher Dardanes (MINN) over Kyle Gliva (NDSU) (Dec 11-6) 141: Nick Dardanes (MINN) over Mitchell Bengtson (NDSU) (Dec 10-4) 149: Jake Short (MINN) over Clayton Ream (NDSU) (Dec 10-5) 157: Dylan Ness (MINN) over Mitchell Friedman (NDSU) (Fall 1:11) 165: Nicholas Wanzek (MINN) over Steven Keogh (NDSU) (MD 11-3) 174: Kurtis Julson (NDSU) over Jordan Rothers (MINN) (Dec 5-2) 184: Hayden Zillmer (NDSU) over Brett Pfarr (MINN) (Dec 6-5)

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#6 Cornell 35, Drexel 6 – Cornell Release – Drexel Release
125: Nahshon Garrett (CORN) over Zachary Fuentes (DREX) (Fall 2:54) 133: Kevin Devoy (DREX) over Mark Grey (CORN) (Dec 3-2) 141: David Pearce (DREX) over Logan David (CORN) (Dec 3-0) 149: Christopher Villalonga (CORN) over Matthew Cimato (DREX) (MD 14-0) 157: Brian Realbuto (CORN) over Noel Blanco (DREX) (MD 10-1) 165: Dylan Palacio (CORN) over Nicholas Elmer (DREX) (Fall 2:06) 174: George Pickett (CORN) over Stephen Loiseau (DREX) (Dec 4-1) 184: Gabriel Dean (CORN) over Alexander DeCiantis (DREX) (TF 23-8 0:00) 197: Jace Bennett (CORN) over Brandon Litten (DREX) (MD 13-5) 285: Jacob Aiken-Phillips (CORN) over Joseph Goodhart (DREX) (Dec 7-6)

#12 Illinois 38, Kent State 0 – Illinois Release – Kent State Release
125: Jesse Delgado (ILLI) over Edilberto Vinas (KEST) (Dec 3-0) 133: Zane Richards (ILLI) over Kyle Lukowich (KEST) (TF 23-7 4:57) 141: Steven Rodrigues (ILLI) over Tyler Small (KEST) (Dec 6-4) 149: Kyle Langenderfer (ILLI) over Kyle Bauer (KEST) (Dec 4-3) 157: Isaiah Martinez (ILLI) over Ian Miller (KEST) (Fall 6:35) 165: Jackson Morse (ILLI) over Tyler Buckwalter (KEST) (Dec 9-4) 174: Zach Brunson (ILLI) over Caleb Marsh (KEST) (Dec 3-2) 184: Lazarus Reyes (ILLI) over Jerald Spohn (KEST) (Dec 6-3) 197: Jeffrey Koepke (ILLI) over Stephen Suglio (KEST) (Fall 4:30) 285: Brooks Black (ILLI) over Mimmo Lytle (KEST) (Dec 5-0)

Chattanooga 19, Oklahoma 16 – Chattanooga Release – Oklahoma Release
125: Sean Boyle (CHAT) over Ryan Millhof (OKLA) (Dec 9-3) 133: Cody Brewer (OKLA) over Nick Soto (CHAT) (MD 15-3) 141: Mike Pongracz (CHAT) over Trae Blackwell (OKLA) (Dec 2-0) 149: Shawn Greevy (CHAT) over Shayne Tucker (OKLA) (Dec 6-2) 157: Justin DeAngelis (OKLA) over Austin Sams (CHAT) (Dec 7-1) 165: Clark Glass (OKLA) over Justin Lampe (CHAT) (Fall 4:32) 174: Matt Reed (OKLA) over Sean Mappes (CHAT) (Dec 7-5) 184: McCoy Newberg (CHAT) over  Brooks Climmons (OKLA) (MD 13-2) 197: Scottie Boykin (CHAT) over Andrew Dixon (OKLA) (SV-1 3-1) 285: Jared Johnson (CHAT) over Ross Larson (OKLA) (Dec 12-11)

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