WWE Main Event results: Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese & Drew Gulak

The Big Takeaway: Jinder Mahal managed a rare win while the cruiserweights offered little of note in the main event.


Jinder Mahal defeated Sin Cara (5:01)

R-Truth was on commentary this week after a nice run with Austin Aries providing color over the last few months. Just like all other WWE shows at the moment, they demand a three-man announce team, and in this case the third man really restricts what Corey Graves can offer.

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After Sin Cara was demolished by Rusev on this show last week, his former storyline friend, Jinder Mahal, scored a rare win against him this week. It was a strange decision to give Mahal a win, who hasn’t won a singles match in WWE since Superstars was still a show.

Sin Cara tried his best to wrestle Mahal, but at every turn he was countered with strikes, kicks, and stomps. Credit where it’s due, Mahal looks much more the part since he returned with a much more lean and muscular figure last year.

After crashing Sin Cara outside into the dasher boards, the finish sees Mahal shake off the high flying heat segment and hit his arm trap neckbreaker for the win.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali defeated Tony Nese & Drew Gulak (6:33)

Ali and Gulak start things off, exchanging headlock takedowns. Ali tags in Alexander, who is all pace and movement, out-witting Gulak with a neat combination of a hurricanrana and a dropkick. Gulak cuts him off and tags in Nese and they slow things down.

Gulak distracts Alexander, who sends him off the apron, but gets dragged outside by Nese. Nese nails him into the ring apron and Ali comes round to try to break up the double-teaming as we head to a break.

The second half of the match sees Alexander play babyface in peril with Nese and Gulak cutting the ring in half. This is not the first time since this division was conceived that a cruiserweight bout has felt just like any other WWE television match, and decidedly un-Cruiserweight-like. Gulak, normally an innovative worker, spends a long time with Alexander in an armbar.

The finish sees Ali get the hot tag and send Gulak outside to play dead, while Nese takes out Alexander. Ali then leaps into action on Nese with a rolling neckbreaker that puts him into position for the 450 splash. Ali hits the move perfectly for the win to end a fairly meager cruiserweight main event.

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