WWE Superstars results: Tyler Breeze vs. United States Champion Kalisto

The Big Takeaway: Big Show squashed The Social Outcasts for the purposes of comedy for this eager London crowd, while Kalisto and Tyler Breeze put on a fine main event.


Big Show beat Bo Dallas & Cutis Axel (w/ Heath Slater) in a 2-on-1-handicap match (3:06)

Big Show is all smiles for the O2 Arena and gets a good reaction. There are even shots of people bowing down to him in the crowd. This was all comedy from the word go and live would have been pretty fun, but unfortunately from the comfort of the living room it doesn’t quite translate.

Axel locks up with Show is immediately thrown off. Dallas tries the same and is also thrown off. They regroup and all three, including Slater, try but Big Show is playing superhero, giant Big Show and so they all go flying. This sends them outside for a Bo Train. Big Show grins from ear to ear at this – he’s always great at live events, actually.

Dallas gets chop blocked; Axel gets open hand chopped. Big Show uses his ass to crush these men at the turnbuckles. They call for a time out so that Bo can get on Axel’s shoulders. The tease a test of strength but Show chops Bo off. After some weak offense, Show puts them in a double suplex and then uses a double choke slam for the double pin.

Kalisto beat Tyler Breeze (6:45)

As Breeze is coming to the ring Rich Brennan says the most ridiculous thing: that Tyler Breeze arrived at the O2 via horse drawn carriage from Heathrow airport. That’d be a 19-mile trip including motorway and busy over-congested roads across a metropolis. So thanks to Brennan’s commentary, I learned that Breeze must be a complete moron. It’s a wonder that he isn’t getting over here on the main roster…

Kalisto starts the match with kicks to Breeze’s body and legs and then uses a springboard arm drag. Breeze goes outside and Kalisto smacks into his back with a tiger feint kick. A leg sweep by Breeze topples Kalisto onto the apron and then Breeze nails him with a running punt as we go to a break.

Breeze has Kalisto in a rear chin lock when we come back. Kalisto gets out but runs into a boot and takes a two count. His back suplex is countered into a roll up by Kalisto, but he gets up to eat a Super Model Kick. Kalisto kicks out at two, so Breeze goes back to the chin lock.

Breeze tries for a meat hook clothesline but Kalisto does a handstand spring to duck out of the way. Kalsito gets the heat with a spinning heel kick, a springboard corkscrew cross body and a spike rana. He uses an enzugiri to put Breeze in position for the 450 splash. He hits it but Breeze grabs rope at two and half.

The first SDS attempt is countered and turned into tree of woe. But Kalisto sits up to avoid the basement drop kick. Kalisto then hits the SDS for the win.

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