WWE Extreme Rules Post-Show Recap: Carmella, Lashley, B-Team

Renee and Sam opened up The Post-Show by recapping most of the matches that took place at Extreme Rules as we got right to the first guest.
Bobby Lashley joined the show.
Sam talked to Lashley about the people thinking the match was over, but Lashley said that when you’re a champion you overcome. Lashley then said that Reigns has never seen anyone like him, he is a different character, a different breed, and that’s what he showed Reigns during their match. Lashley then said that even though he was away for 10 years, that’s 10 years of work that he’s been doing to get himself ready to return to the WWE. Lashley then said that he expected Reigns to bring his “A Game,” then Lashley called Reigns a champion and a warrior.

Sam then asked Lashley about Brock. Lashley said that he doesn’t know where Brock is, but whenever he comes back he has someone new to defend the Universal Title against. Lashley then said, “If Brock is ready to come and defend that title, I am here.” Lashley then said that he is a fan of Angle’s ultimatum for Brock, and says that Brock has no excuses for not showing up. Lashley then said that he wants to beat Brock for the title. Lashley then noted how he will posts photos of his kids and people will still respond, “We want you to fight Brock!” Lashley then said that he has earned his title shot after beating Reigns, and views himself as the number one guy. Lashley heads off.
Carmella joined the show.
“I beat Asuka! I beat Asuka twice!” Carmella rushes in laughing and smiling. She then noted that she has beaten Charlotte as well. Carmella then said that she wants to play a game, how many times did she win the MITB match (twice), how many times did she beat Charlotte (twice!), how many times did she beat Asuka (twice!!!). Carmella then said that she’s on a roll right now. Sam then noted that these wins have come with some help from Ellsworth. Carmella then wondered where Peter Rosenberg was at? Renee then asked Carmella how Ellsworth is doing. Carmella didn’t want to talk about him.
Carmella then went back to talk about beating Charlotte and Asuka, then said that Paige must have had a bad hair day because she gave Asuka the top spot for not reason at all. Carmella continued and said that it is not her fault if Asuka got distracted and lost. Carmella then noted that all her haters and trolls said that she sucks, but she doesn’t. Carmella then said that she thinks Sam looks kind of like a troll. Carmella then said that she is the champion and walks off. Sam then said that he is not a troll or clown. Carmella came back and played with his hair and laughed her head off as she left.

Renee then talked about Ronda Rousey jumping the barricade and trying to help Nia Jax in her match. Renee then said that Alexa Bliss is able to always find ways of getting out of situations without getting hurt too badly. Renee and Sam then wondered what is next though after the match.
The B-Team joined the show.
They are beyond pumped to be the new RAW Tag Team Champions. They complimented Sam’s hair and cheered a bunch more. Axel hugged Sam and they are all excited. Axel then said that they are The B and A team now. Axel then said that there are peaks and valleys in this business and they are on top right now. Bo then talked about The Miz leaving them, but they made something out of that.

Renee asked if they are surprised by their success, they said no, as The B-Team they are undefeated. The B-Team then said to celebrate they are going to a water park and they will be getting some mild (mild!) buffalo wings. The B-Team celebrated some more. Bo goes wild on the table, slides down the front of it and celebrated a bunch more as the show ended.


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