WWE Superstars 9/12 TV results: Stardust beats Jack Swagger in style, Xavier Woods commentary fun

By James Cox, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway:

Stardust looked good against a Jack Swagger who is in lower-mid-card hell. Neville beat Bo Dallas with his move after being beaten up for 3 minutes. Xavier Woods is still the best colour commentator in the company. 

Neville beat Bo Dallas (3:45)

Well, Bo Dallas is looking even more chunky and that belly is just distracting. He and Neville lock up and he hits Neville out of an Irish whip with a shoulder barge and then celebrates with glee. Woods pushes Dallas as ‘exciting’ on commentary and takes great delight in talking about him. Neville is able to telegraph but hit a hip toss, but is then hit by Dallas’ punches and kicks in the corner.

Neville flips from corner to corner and then goes up top to hit a crossbody. He goes to whip Dallas but the reversal sees him eat a big short-arm clothesline. Dallas covers him for two. After more punches, Dallas poses and beams with his Chesire cat grin and Woods notes “there’s a face only a mother could love” and then giggles at his own joke for a while. “I’m hilarious,” he notes.

Bo locks in a front face lock and, when Neville tries to escape, hits him with knees to the face. He covers him for two then goes back to the rest hold. Neville gets out again and this time eats a flying forearm, gets covered for two and then rolls under the ropes. Out of nowhere, he hits an enziguri, Dallas falls in the perfect place to be hit for the Red Arrow and takes it to give Neville the win.

If ever the was a theory that, just like Justin Gabriel, this guy is just a move to them, then this match pretty much proved it.

Stardust beat Jack Swagger (9:06)

Rich Brennan called Swagger “the former Money in the Bank winner” on two occasions here. So, to them he was only the WWE Champion when he’s up against someone they consider to be over? It must suck to be Jack Swagger. They lock up and Stardust is thrown off. He goes to the ropes and listens to the growing “Cody!” chants and Swagger joins in. There’s then a small “We the people” chant that grows but dies away quickly.

Swagger misses an atomic drop and so just punches Stardust in the face. He whips him to the corner and then hip tosses him. Swagger dumps Stardust over the top rope but he comes back in quickly, so Swagger tries for an early Patriot Lock. Stardust gets to the ropes to break it and then goes outside as we head to a break.

Swagger is punching Stardust when we return. Out of a whip, Cody drops down to the floor and kicks Swagger in the face – it’s a nice twist on his brother’s move where he would drop down and slap his opponent. Swagger then misses a charge to the corner and gets his shoulder slammed into the post. Stardust goes outside to work over the arm/shoulder. He locks it over the ropes and works it over and then cartwheels behind Swagger and begins to gyrate his hips at Swagger. Woods finds this most amusing.

Stardust tries a cover but only gets two and so pulls Swaggers hair and then continues to concentrate on the left arm. Swagger tries to roll the arm lock into a pin attempt, the ref counts two but Swagger is able to roll back to the arm lock. When Swagger gets out he runs into Stardust’s boots. Stardust goes outside to crotch him on the post but takes too long and gets kicked off.

Swagger gets the heat with clotheslines and a Swagger bomb for two. He goes for the Patriot Lock again but Stardust again gets to the ropes. Stardust goes for the Disaster Kick but is caught mid-air by Swagger and power slammed to the mat for a two count. Stardust then hits the Disaster Kick, which stuns Swagger enough so that he can put him in the Cross Rhodes for the win.

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