Possible New Challenger For IWGP U.S. Champion Kenny Omega

During a segment at last night’s NJPW New Year Dash Event, Kenny Omega ran down the ring and made the save to Kota Ibushi after Cody tried to attack him after the 5-on-5 tag match. Omega & Cody shoved and yelled at each other, but eventually Cody left the ring. Omega then got on the microphone and said that he was sick of the in-fighting within the Bullet Club and thought that the way to fix it would be to bring in a new member, “Switchblade” Jay White.
Omega then said that he has seen the potential in White and wanted him to join the group and then he handed him a Bullet Club shirt. White thought it over for a moment, put on the shirt an did the “too sweet” hand gesture. Omega then said that they don’t do that anymore. The two hugged and then White dropped Omega in the middle of the ring with a Blade Runner and took the shirt off, ultimately rejecting the offer. Jay White will most likely be Omega’s next challenger for the IWGP United States Championship.
Below are videos and the photos of what happened between the Bullet Club and Jay White:


Did @KennyOmegamanX just save Ibushi from @CodyRhodes?! #njdash
?? https://t.co/8n90d75Nfk pic.twitter.com/9bJuP5dsFS
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) January 5, 2018


.@KennyOmegamanX has an idea… #njdash
?? https://t.co/8n90d75Nfk pic.twitter.com/gZjWWDBpmm
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) January 5, 2018


Welcome to the Club, @JayWhiteNZ… or not. #njdash
?? https://t.co/8n90d75Nfk pic.twitter.com/aJVwVo6qFy
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) January 5, 2018


.@JayWhiteNZ will forge his own path. #njdash
?? https://t.co/8n90d75Nfk pic.twitter.com/qty70Nxbfe
— TDE Wrestling (@totaldivaseps) January 5, 2018


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