5 matches announced for Survivor Series

Kicking off Monday Night RAW tonight Raw GM Kurt Angle announced 5 of the matches for the Survivor Series pay per view, In going with the theme of RAW V/S Smackdown that is the premise of this year’s event the matches officially announced were:
WWE Champion V/S Universal Champion
Jinder Mahal v/s Brock Lesnar
Raw Women’s Champion V/S Smackdown Women’s Champion
Alexa Bliss V/S Natalya

RAW Tag Champions V/S Smackdown Tag Champions
Ambrose/Rollins V/S The Usos
Plus two traditional Survivor Series team matches, a men’s match, and a women’s match.
Of course, there is a little bit of time between tonight and the event being held on November 19th so these matches featuring champions as subject to change if one or more of the titles Change hands before then. The participants for the team matches have yet to be announced.
A notable absence that so far was not announced was a third survivor match featuring tag teams from each brand, much like what was featured last year and was also a big part of the first two Survivor Series cards in 1987 and 1988. One has not been rumored but as I said before, the card is always subject to change.

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