Updated Backstage News on The Issue Between The Young Bucks & WWE

The Young Bucks and WWE has been going at it back and forth for a couple of months now. It all started when The Young Bucks said that The WWE sent them a cease and desist letter on an episode of Being The Elite which was of course just a part of their skit. 
A few weeks back, The Bullet Club invaded Monday Night Raw and really pissed off Vince McMahon. After the invasion, WWE sent The Young Bucks a real cease and desist letter banning them from using anything that has been trademarked by The WWE especially the “too sweet” catchphrase and gesture.
According to recent reports, even though The Young Bucks did not receive any legal letters or threats from The WWE on it, The Young Bucks are reportedly going to stop using the “suck it” catchphrase from all of their marketing moving forward.

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