TNA Impact Wrestling House Show Results (8/2): Tyler, Texas

The following are results from the TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Tyler, Texas. The event was held on Friday, August 2, 2013.

-Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson via pinfall. Hardy picked up the victory after he hit Anderson with his Twist Of Fate finisher for the pin. It’s interesting to note, Hardy never once performed a move off the top-rope in this match.

-Gail Kim defeated ODB in a Knockouts Match via pinfall. The referee for this match was Earl Hebner, so he did his “I Screwed Bret” routine, complete with the “Damn Right I Did” t-shirt and sunglasses. The Kim-ODB match was what you’d expect from these two, similar to their match on Impact Wrestling on Spike TV the night before. The finish came when Kim rolled up ODB and held the tights to secure the 1-2-3.

-Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels via Disqualification. Was said to be a good match. The finish came when Kazarian dd a run-in, costing Daniels the match and giving Gunner the victory via DQ. After the Kazarian run-in, James Storm came out to make the save. This led to an immediate TNA World Tag-Team Championship match.

-James Storm and Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian via pinfall to retain the TNA World Tag-Team Championships. All four guys worked really hard in this match, and it showed, as this was definitely the best match on the card.

-AJ Styles defeated Devon (with Mike Knox) via Submission. According to live reports, these two did not mesh well as there was a clash of styles (no pun intended) with their in-ring work. Regardless, the match wasn’t that bad.

-Chris Sabin defeated Bobby Roode to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the Main Event of the evening. This match wasn’t as long as you would think, considering it was the main event of the show and it was for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, this was an excellent match that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. In the end, Sabin picked up the victory with his finisher to retain the title.


-According to live reports, there were approximately 300-500 people in a building that can fit nearly 8,000 people.

-TNA never changed the advertising, so anyone who doesn’t read the internet was expecting Kurt Angle at the show. As a result of his not being there, nearly every match on the card had to be altered in some form or fashion.

UPDATE: Kurt Angle To Serve Jail Time Due To Latest DWI Arrest?

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