Hulk Hogan Training For One More Run, Matt Morgan Talks Drug Use

– TNA star Matt Morgan is opening up about his past drug abuse. In response to a fan who said they enjoyed his infamous Youtube video where he “shoots” on nerdy Internet wrestling fans, Morgan says he was not exactly in the best state of mind when the interview was shot:

“THAT guy back in 2006-07(when it looked to be shot), was a drug addicted immature douchebag! gr8tful 2B sober today!

– Hulk Hogan continues to tease an upcoming return to the ring. He tweeted the following about his new series training regimen, noting that he’s getting ready to transform his body for one “last time around the block”

“Perfect timing to start serious training again,last time around the block for me so this is gonna be really intense,transformation time. HH”

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