Kurt Angle Reveals Groin Tear Injury, Says He Will Keep Working

TNA star Kurt Angle noted on Twitter after Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view that he is dealing with a groin injury. He did not specify whether the injury was sustained on Sunday or if it was a pre-exsiting condition:

“Have a Little Groin Injury. Hope It’s Ok for next 3 Shows. Much Love.”,/b>

The three shows he’s referring to are the 3 episodes of Impact Wrestling that TNA will tape tonight and Tuesday night from Orlando, Florida.

An hour after his original tweet, revealed that his groin is torn, which would qualify for more than “a little injury” –

“I Will Wrestle through My Groin tear Because I’m a Cyborg. Nothing Can Hurt Me, as long as My twitter friends Believe In Me. Much Love!”

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