CM Punk Continues To Mock Jerry Lawler's Heart Attack After RAW

Following Monday’s WWE RAW, WWE Champion CM Punk posted a series of tweets making fun of Jerry Lawler and playing off the angle from RAW where Paul Heyman suffered a “heart attack” and was saved by CM Punk administering CPR. Punk tweeted:

“You people are pigs. I saved a mans life tonight. This isn’t something you joke about. PIGS. #learnCPR”


“@meNoorUllah: @cmpunk lost to @johncena that means cena is the real pure #BestintheWorld” I saved a mans life.”

“@TomQWood: .@CMPunk saying Pink Floyd sucks breaks my heart.”
I can save you. #CPR”

“Fact: @JohnCena is the doctor of thuganomics. I’m a real doctor, and I know CPR. @JCLayfield”

Here’s the segment from RAW with Paul Heyman faking a heart attack, which has drawn a lot of criticism from viewers. The controversial “fake heart attack” occurs at around the 9:55 mark:

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