What Happened After Monday's RAW, SmackDown Rating

– Last week’s WWE Smackdown show drew a 1.96 cable rating with 2.88 million viewers, virtually even with the prior week (1.93 rating with 2.82 million viewers).

– After Monday’s WWE RAW from Birmingham, England went off the air, Dolph Ziggler’s Survivor Series team attacked John Cena and Ryback. The babyfaces fought back and John Cena, Ryback and Wade Barrett all hit their finishers on Cody Rhodes.

John Cena handed Wade Barrett a microphone and he said this is the first time he’s been cheered in WWE and thanked the UK crowd for that. Dolph Ziggler came out to confront Barrett but got caught with an Attitude Adjustment by Cena.

Barrett then continued, telling Ziggler to show some manners and said he’ll defeat Sheamus on WWE Main Event this week.

Barrett declared that he will be the first English WWE Champion and then thanked the crowd before heading to the back.

* VIDEO From After RAW: WADE BARRETT & John Cena

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