WWE Vintage Collection Report (10/21/12)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: October 21st 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

In the first of a two part series, this week’s “home run hitting edition” mixes sports and entertainment as we showcase some of WWE’s and WCW’s “multitalented athletes.” Let’s join the action in the first period!

WWF Superstars: August 10th 1996
The Goon vs Doug Allen
Our resident hockey thug is seen manhandling others on the ice in several vignettes as he makes his way to the ring. In pre-recorded comments, the Goon says he was banned from the NHL, so he’s brought his talents to the WWF to be its scoring king. Goon throws his sticks down to cross body check Allen in the corner. Goon follows up with a running knee. Allen gets in a couple of leapfrogs plus some token offense. Goon telegraphs a top rope sledge, driving Allen to the mat. The Goon tackles Allen through the ropes, backs up in the aisle and body checks him on the floor for the countout victory. Winner: THE GOON. The Goon never amounted to much. After a few squash matches, he became a heel jobber to the stars before being benched permanently.

WWF Unforgiven: April 26th 1998
Faarooq, Ken Shamrock & Steve Blackman vs The Rock, Mark Henry & D’Lo Brown w/The Godfather
Football players, MMA stars, weightlifters and “an all-star trash talker” (D’Lo) collide. Rock had just booted Faarooq from the Nation and still had issues with Shamrock. D’Lo talks trash to Faarooq and takes a spinebuster. Faarooq removes his leather belt and gives D’Lo a good whupping. Blackman briefly takes over. Henry gives the Lethal Weapon a backbreaker, while D’Lo catches him with the Sky High. D’Lo plants Faarooq and Rock wants in. Rock clotheslines Faarooq and puts the boots to him. Henry slams Faarooq and drops a series of elbows. Faarooq goes to the eyes and Blackman re-enters. Rock hits Blackman from behind to make him easy pickings for a Henry powerslam.

Rock gives Blackman the People’s Elbow as the crowd get on his back. D’Lo decides to showboat and misses a top rope moonsault. Faarooq gets the hot tag and a six man brawl breaks out. During the chaos, Rock drops Faarooq with a DDT. 1-2-kickout. As the others tussle on the floor, Faarooq reverses Rock to the corner. Rock tries to rebound with a clothesline, but Faarooq ducks and hits the Dominator for the 1-2-3. Wow, Shamrock didn’t see much action. Faarooq briefly feuded with Rock for the Intercontinental title, but came up short and settled into the tag team scene with Bradshaw. Winners: FAAROOQ, KEN SHAMROCK & STEVE BLACKMAN.

WCW Great American Bash: June 15th 1997
Steve “Mongo” McMichael w/Debra McMichael vs Kevin Greene
The former Chicago Bear collides with a Carolina Panther or if you prefer, Steven Seagal meets the blonde Paul Orndorff. Mongo had turned on Greene a year ago, hitting him with a briefcase to join the Four Horsemen. Greene is back for revenge. Mongo had just beaten another footballer, Reggie White, the previous month at Slamboree. Mongo chokes out Greene in front of Greene’s mother and takes a purse to the face. Greene sends Mongo into the ring steps, then checks on his mother. Mongo works over Greene’s leg and delivers a neckbreaker. Greene comes back with a thesz press, but Mongo catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to regain control. Slugfest in the corner leads to the ten punches of doom by Greene, but he leaves himself open for an inverted atomic drop and dropkick from Mongo.

Mongo resorts to choking in the corner. Greene kicks him away and heads up top to land a flying tackle. Greene clotheslines Mongo to the outside, then slams him on the floor. Debra fakes an ankle injury which Greene doesn’t buy. Inside, Greene misses a three point stance and eats turnbuckle. Debra distracts the referee, while Jeff Jarrett runs down with a Halliburton briefcase. Jarrett swings for Greene, who pulls Mongo in to take the shot. Jarrett leaves as Greene picks up the win. This furthered the dissension between Jarrett and Mongo, but the match was nothing special. Winner: KEVIN GREENE.

WWE Raw: November 27th 2006
Ric Flair, Triple H & Shawn Michaels vs The Spirit Squad
It’s the night after Survivor Series. Ric Flair’s team beat the Spirit Squad, who naturally want revenge. DX come out to even the odds. Triple H cuts off his usual DX spiel to say he’s sick of fighting the Spirit Squad (having buried them all Summer) before promising this will be the last time we ever see them. DX clear the ring as Michaels hits Mikey with a ring mic. Triple H does a number on Mikey in the corner. Flair shoulder tackles, Kenny misses his cue to knee Flair in the back, so Mikey pops up to dropkick the Naitch. DX break up a five-on-one in the cheerleaders corner and clear the ring. A somersault plancha from Michaels precedes a three-man strut. Woooooooooo!

Back from commercials, Michaels suplexes out of Johnny’s sleeper, but gets caught in the wrong corner. Kenny assists Mikey with a leg up moonsault, before nailing a trifecta of short-arm clotheslines. Mikey gets on Kenny’s shoulders on the top rope. Air Spirit Squad lands wide of the mark. Triple H takes on everyone, launching Mitch over the top rope. Johnny receives a high knee, Nicky takes a facebuster and clothesline to the floor. Mikey runs into a spinebuster. Flair sets Mikey up for the Figure four. Mitch runs in. Pedigree to Mitch! Sweet Chin Music to Nicky. Kenny and Johnny run in. DX take them down. DX and Flair all slap on Figure four leglocks and the Spirit Squad tap out. Totally squashariffic! Winners: RIC FLAIR, TRIPLE H & SHAWN MICHAELS. Flair and DX celebrate, with Flair even busting out a crotch chop. DX chase the cheerleaders to the back with a sledgehammer.

Backstage, DX load the Spirit Squad into a box and post them back to OVW, stating it can be delivered anytime within the next three to four weeks and that no one really gives a crap what’s in it. Michaels signs the package as Mr McMahon and gets emotional because it’s the end of an era. Kenny and Johnny would find their way back briefly for uninspiring singles runs, Nicky would return as a Caddie, before discovering greatness as Dolph Ziggler, while Mitch and Mikey never made it back to TV and were released. As far as burials go, this was pretty brutal, albeit rather amusing at the same time.

Next week’s “Vintage World of Sports” features a man who could do any sport “perfectly.”


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