Chavo Guerrero Sr. Responds To Nash's Rant, Angle Denies Being In WWE '13

– Chavo “Classic” Guerrero Sr. has responded to Kevin Nash’s rant about Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero as WWE’s top champions killing the wrestling industry:

“nash remain a f— moron idiot just because he was a freak and bigger than normal people he stll has no clue wt a wrestler .. entertainer or worker is my grandson that i am training noe cld have abetter match than him, idiot i can take his fat ass down now .. cant do a promo and if u saw his last promo in wwe with punk punk punked him he had no clue wt a waste of body maybe .. maybe his a syncronized wrestler diesel my ass”

– TNA star Kurt Angle continues to deny reports that he will be featured in the upcoming WWE ’13 video game, due out October 30th. Angle tweeted on Tuesday:

Angle mentioned a few weeks ago that TNA is in the process of making a new video game.

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