JBL Talks About Whether He Will Return To WWE

— Former WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield has posted a new discussion on his Facebook page answering the question he says he’s asked most on Facebook and Twitter – whether he’ll ever return to WWE. To read his full blog update, click here.

Here’s what he said about a WWE return:

“Will I return to WWE? I doubt it, but you never know. I am not looking for a job and they are not asking me to return so it has not come up. I had to retire due to injuries, and yes, the 23 second match with Rey at Wrestlemania was my idea-at that point in my career due to injuries I could not have had any type of real match.

“I was so hurt at that point that I literally couldn’t walk anywhere of distance and didn’t have the ability to work out. I hated being out of shape and realized I was tired of smoke and mirrors to hide my inadequacies-I didn’t want to be one of those old guys who had held on too long and I was in danger of becoming exactly that.

“It’s taken over two full years but I am currently in the best health, and shape, I have been in over a decade.”

JBL said he is currently training for the New York Marathon in November and then plans to climb the tallest volcano in the world (in Ecuador) in February.

He ended the piece by saying, “Bottom line-I am not looking for a job and WWE is not looking to offer me one. I hope this answers the question I am asked most frequently.”

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