Former WWE Diva Melina Says She Can't Be Blamed For Other People Anymore

An article was posted Sunday on in defense of recently released WWE Diva Melina regarding her history of rumored backstage indiscretions. The author of the article feels people shouldn’t scrutinize the former Women’s Champion so harshly since she’s only human. The author adds further that many of disparaging things written about her online are merely rumors.

Melina wrote in response, “It’s the price of being in the public eye I guess. But I still wish it would stop. It’s refreshing to see people realize that things don’t add up. They don’t because it’s not true. I just want to be able to live a happy life. Have others around me be happy as well.”

“There are always going to be bad things happening. Bullies, rumors and heaven forbid, tragedies but now I can’t be blamed for others… At least not for pushes and stuff. At least there shouldn’t be. I just want a good and happy life with the one I love. That’s all I ever wanted. I still pray for the happily ever after. Always will. I may not get handed the most simple & perfect cards in life but I’ll keep on going… I know it will get better. If only life was as perfect & clean cut like the movies.”

Melina, meanwhile, continues to travel with John Morrison. She was near the venue of tonight’s Raw in San Diego, California and indicated on Twitter that she hung out with a fan before the event.

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