Steve Austin Movie News, More On WWE Bringing Back Managers, Heenan

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin wrote on Twitter that he will be finishing filming “Recoil” in Canada this week. Austin said that it’s probably been the most fun he’s had shooting a movie so far.

– Fellow Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan is reportedly having a very tough time lately with his health issues. Keep “The Brain” in your thoughts.

– As we saw last week on Superstars, Tyson Kidd is now being managed by Michael Hayes. WWE has been considering the idea of reviving managers in recent months and there are said to be more WWE performers who will be getting managers soon. One other person who has been discussed as a possible manager is WWE producer/agent Arn Anderson. Anderson was considered for the role of Tyson Kidd’s manager, but still might be brought in to manage.

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