CM Punk Reportedly Leaving WWE This Year When His Contract Expires

If you’ve noticed that WWE has pulled back on featuring CM Punk’s character in recent weeks, it appears there’s a reason behind it. One of the main topics of conversation behind the scenes in WWE in recent weeks has been that CM Punk’s WWE career may be coming to an end very soon.

Punk has been telling people close to him that he’s interested in taking some time off when his WWE contract expires in the coming months. Punk is reportedly burned out from living the hectic WWE lifestyle for the past 5 years. Additionally, Punk is said to be very unhappy with the lack of push he’s received in recent months. Punk has been a workhorse for WWE without being treated as one of the company’s top stars. While WWE has made a strong effort to push The Miz and Alberto Del Rio to the moon, Punk has been somewhat neglected and is “just there” on the WWE roster.

The topic of Punk leaving WWE started on the European tour and continued at Monday’s WWE RAW.

While Punk leaving WWE would be another huge blow to WWE’s talent roster, there’s still a chance that WWE can sign him to a new deal. It’s also possible that WWE could give him a few months off when his contract expires and bring him back when he’s had time to re-charge.

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