Jim Ross Says WWE Has Major Plans For Sin Cara, IC Title's Recent Lack Of Push

– Longtime wrestling fans understand the importance of promotions protecting their championship titles and how marketable a title feud can be. Unforunately, there have been many signs that indicate WWE does not see much value in the Intercontinental championship.

Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston’s match against Alberto Del Rio at Elimination Chamber was a non-title match at – and that fact was ignored during the promotion and commentary during the match.

At one point, WWE was considering putting the Intercontinental title on Del Rio en route to his World Heavyweight title match against Edge at WrestleMania, but company officials did not feel that the champion vs. champion match was even worth doing.

– Jim Ross tweeted he following about WWE’s new star, Sin Cara:

“Mistico is signed, sealed & delivered w/ WWE. Now known as Sin Cara. Helluva young hand. A new star looms on the horizon. Congrats Sin Cara. Every major media outlet in Mexico City present 4 Sin Cara media announcement. He’s doing 1 on 1’s now w/ them including espn deportes. It was great 2 rep WWE in Mexico City 4 Sin Cara signing anouncement. Appreciate the opportunity to step back on the field, so 2 speak.”

Ross later added: “WWE has high hopes for Sin Cara. He has many new masks. Major TV ‘rollout,’ He’s 27 & has (opportunity to be) main eventer. A flyer, offensive innovator.”

Video Highlights Of Sin Cara Wrestling In Mexico

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer)

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