Jim Ross Talks About The Possibility Of He & Paul Heyman Joining TNA

Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his website JRsBarBQ.com with some commentary on a variety of topics. Ross’ WWE contract expires at the end of this month and its been widely reported that there is strong interest from TNA Wrestling if Ross and WWE are unable to come to terms. Here are some Q&A highlights of what he said about:

Possibly Going To TNA: “I am a fan of TNA and hope that they become successful and earn better TV ratings. Where I may or may not fit into their plans is TBD. I do have several outside of wrestling options that interest me but I haven’t lost my passion for pro wrestling either. I think it is good to have options. If TNA and us begin negotiations in earnest then both parties will actually know what the other wants or needs to make a potential deal work. That time hasn’t come.”

TNA Hiring A Firm To Analyze Their Audience: “I’m not sure about the consulting matter as I have seen some research projects work well and some waste time and money. I’m not in that loop nor am I informed of the research in which they are doing. If the research was done in Philly then having the ECW brand still have equity doesn’t surprise me.”

Paul Heyman Going To TNA? “Paul Heyman doesn’t seem interested in getting back into wrestling or so I hear. I guess time will tell. Bottom line is that for the pat 36 years I have been a total team player and don’t plan on changing my philosophy any time soon. If I commit to any entity they will get all that I have to offer, in or out of pro wrestling.”

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