Who's Backstage At Impact?, Hall & Nash Comment On Wolfpack Reunion, More

source: www.f4wonline.com

— Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Sting and Mick Foley are backstage at iMPACT! and advertised to appear during tonight’s show. All four superstars were left off last night’s Destination X pay-per-view. It’s worth noting that in the company website’s preview for tonight’s show, they weren’t initially advertised to appear. However, their names have since been listed.

— Last night’s pay-per-view saw a reunion of the Wolfpack as Kevin Nash turned on Eric Young to help Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac pick up the victory, thus giving them contracts with the company. Both Hall and Nash commented on their reunion.

Nash wrote on Twitter: “Wolfpac is back! very proud of Scott. last night will be etched in my memory forever. dont forget to watch impact 9-11 on spike. I’ll be watching 2nite. worth watching just 2 see how good Scott looked at ppv if u missed it.”

Hall wrote on Facebook: “And THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER….did you really expect anything else? Don’t blink…who knows what will happen next…”

Apparently, WWE doesn’t own the term Wolfpac when they purchased WCW intellectual property, thus meaning TNA is free to use it.

— The TV Guide preview for tonight’s iMPACT! is as follows: “Fallout from the Destination X pay-per-view event, including AJ Styles’ title defense.”

Is Scott Hall in shape? See *BIG GUT* photo from last night ->

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