Jim Ross Blog: The End Of ECW, Update On His Health & Future

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his JRsBarBQ.com blog. Some highlights:

The End of ECW: “I will always have great respect for the Original ECW because of the passion and work ethic of all involved. Paul Heyman had great vision for what he wanted to create and his talents bought into that vision. I bring this up because the letters “ECW” will leave weekly TV in 3 weeks and will be replaced with a new, WWE produced program. Anxious to see what they come up with for Sy Fy.

His Health: “I am excited about the future primarily because I’m feeling so much better physically and am presently in a great place mentally.”

His Future: “Must be lots of new rumors on the ‘net about my future. If any of you get some concrete info on what I will be doing for a living in the coming months, years, etc, please let me know because my status, goals for the future, etc are the same as I have repeatedly stated for months … I have actually been discussing some projects totally unrelated to the wrestling biz which are intriguing.”

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