Gabe Sapolsky Rips WWE’s Product & Chris Jericho Responds

Former ROH and ECW booker Gabe Sapolsky attended the Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Philadelphia and wrote a message on MySpace explaining what he thinks is wrong with WWE’s product. Sapolsky agrees with recent comments Eric Bischoff made in a interview, that the WWE product is over-produced and the superstars act like generic, robotic zombies. He wrote:

I stopped by the Smackdown taping last night and left after CM Punk’s promo. Punk was great, but the taping sucked. Most of the wrestlers were robotic (stop at top of ramp, pose, walk into ring, ignore entire crowd and turn to hard cam, pose, turn back to ramp and wait for opponent). Everything was formulaic. I sat there for two hours from the opening bell waiting through dead time between matches and endless videos before Smackdown actually started. However, it wasn’t all bad as Tommy Dreamer is still over in Philly and Punk is a superstar. Anyway, my point. I saw some crappy wrestling lately that turned me off to the business.

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho wrote a message on Twitter in response to Sapolsky’s comments:

Dammit if Gabe Sopolsky wasn’t impressed, then what chance does the WWE have to survive even one more day??? Breadline, here I come…

Sapolsky resonded to Jericho’s sarcasm and said when WWE went out of business, Jericho could come work for Dragon Gate USA and invited the WWE superstar to attend one of their upcoming dates.

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